Enjoy A Confidence Boost From Your Gum Contouring Treatment

Sometimes, the recommended approach to cosmetic dental work is one that involves treatment for your gums. People who have excessive or bulky tissues may feel unhappy with the way they look because their teeth appear small or short. They can also have issues because bulky or uneven tissues interfere with the way they look. Through a gum contouring treatment, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can directly take on these issues so that you can show a more confident, even, and attractive smile! We can even make plans to follow this procedure with additional cosmetic work to help you feel truly confident in your appearance.   (more…)

See Your Virginia Beach Dentist For Sleep Apnea Treatment

If nothing is done about sleep apnea, it can seriously impact a person’s well-being. This issue is more than just a reason you might snore while you sleep. Obstructive sleep apnea robs a person of air because soft tissues block their breathing passages for extended periods. As a result, their rest cycle is interrupted because they have to wake up and address the lack of air flow. Over time, this inability to rest properly can lead to persistent daytime fatigue, irritability, a lack of focus, and problems with your blood pressure. If you think sleep apnea might be affecting you, you should know that your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can help. With a special appliance, we can help you breathe and rest peacefully through the night! (more…)

Ask Your Virginia Beach Dentist About Using Clear Braces

Sure, you would like to show off a smile that is not affected by any gaps, overlaps, or other signs of poor alignment. However, in order to do that you would have to agree to orthodontic treatment, and that means spending an extended period of time wearing metal braces…right? There are exciting alternatives to traditional braces that you should know about if you are concerned about poor dental alignment. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist uses Invisalign aligners to help patients fix gaps and overlaps in their smile. These appliances are designed to be discreet, making it easier to commit to an adjustment without having to feel self-conscious about your appearance. (more…)

Spring Into The Craft Market

As we approach spring, and, with it, spring cleaning, don’t forget to spring clean your smile by attending a professional cleaning at Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA. Then, head down to the Virginia Beach Spring Craft Market for some local handmade crafts, art, and food!




3 Reasons To Make Restorative Dentistry A Priority

While it might be nice if we could simply wait for something like a toothache or jaw pain to subside on its own, ignoring evidence of an oral health problem can be a mistake. Once a cavity has formed on your tooth, you cannot simply count on your enamel to heal itself through diligent daily care. The problem can actually worsen over time, and end up affecting more than just the tooth itself! Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can take on a problem with tooth decay, as well as problems with your jaw caused by TMJ disorder, to put an end to discomfort. We can even use your regular dental exams to seek out signs of trouble that we can address through restorative dental work before they grow serious. (more…)

Regular Teeth Cleanings Help You Protect Your Smile

What does your current routine to protect your smile from harm look like? Are you being consistent with your brushing and flossing? Do you take care to minimize how much sugar you enjoy at your typical meal? The daily effort you put into caring for your smile is certainly important, but remember that your dentist also has important preventive care to provide. At every regular dental checkup with your Virginia Beach, VA dentist, you undergo a thorough teeth cleaning. This practice helps keep your smile safe against problems caused by tartar and plaque buildup, so you can avoid issues that require further treatment. You can also count on a special periodontal cleaning to help you manage your gum health if you show signs of gingivitis. (more…)

I Want To Show Off Whiter Teeth – Can My Dentist Help?

Is it hard to check your teeth in the mirror, or look at pictures of yourself, and ignore how stains have affected your smile? Stains can gather in our enamel because of many popular foods and drinks – because so many products are able to leave particles on your teeth, it can be difficult to effectively avoid some changes in the color of your smile. With that said, the problem can become embarrassing as your teeth lose their whiteness. While it can be difficult to remove stains with products that are available over the counter, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can help you address them. We can provide a teeth whitening procedure that delivers noteworthy results, which can give you a renewed confidence in the way you look! (more…)

Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Take On A Tooth Infection

When you experience a painful tooth infection, the problem can be hard to ignore. General discomfort, sensitivity to heat and cold, and the inability to naturally bite and chew can be serious causes for concern. You would be right to think of the matter as one to bring up with your Virginia Beach, VA dentist as soon as possible. By scheduling root canal treatment as soon as possible, you can ensure that the matter is resolved before the harm causes the tooth to be lost! After restoring your health through root canal treatment, we can put a custom dental crown over the tooth to provide it lasting support. (more…)

The Unlimited Elegance Bridal Expo

If you are engaged or close to someone who will soon be getting married, you should head to the Unlimited Elegance Bridal Expo this weekend to check out all of the amazing vendors. And, if you want your smile to shine on the wedding day, you should head to Absolute Dental Care so that your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist can give you the smile of your dreams through cosmetic and restorative care.



Your Virginia Beach Dentist Can Restore An Incomplete Smile

When you lose teeth, you can lose confidence in your appearance while also developing problems with your bite. If you leave this problem unaddressed, the matter can actually worsen over time. You are more likely to suffer the lose of more teeth, as those that surround a smile gap have less support. You can also begin to lose density in your jawbone from the lack of stimulation from the missing roots of your tooth. Of course, you also have to worry about a continued lack of comfort with your smile, and problems that affect how you bite and chew. At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, we are prepared to provide our patients with a long-term solution to tooth loss! (more…)