Are You Worried About A Root Canal Treatment?

Virgini Beach, VA dentist offers root canals

In a recent blog, we discussed how dental fillings can restore your tooth after a cavity. If this is not done shortly after finding a cavity, the decay can worsen. This could lead to needing a root canal treatment instead of a simple filling. While this can seem intimidating, this procedure can help stop the discomfort caused by serious decay. Your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist is here today to explore when and why this procedure is necessary.

Root Canals Relieve Discomfort

When a cavity is left untreated for an extended period, it can continue to wear down the layers of your teeth. After it has worn down your enamel, it will wear away the dentin, and finally could enter the pulp. If it reaches this layer, you may notice a serious toothache or discomfort. Fillings can recover your pearly white if the outer layer has been harmed. However, if the decay reaches the inner layer with tissues and nerves, a more invasive treatment will be necessary. A root canal treatment includes removing the damaged pulp, cleaning the area, and adding a stronger material to the remaining space.

What To Expect From This Procedure

This treatment often has a negative connotation. Many people may believe this procedure would be painful. In reality, the discomfort that may be associated with a root canal treatment is actually due to the ache that is caused by a serious cavity or infection. Before the process begins, the area will be numbed. You may feel some pressure throughout the treatment, but it should not be painful. Then, the decayed area will be removed and thoroughly cleaned. A dental crown may be placed after this treatment to give your structure extra support. This is often done in a separate appointment once you have recovered from this treatment. It may take a few days to fully recover from your root canal. In the meantime, try to eat softer foods and be gentle when cleaning the area. You can call your dentist if you have any questions or concerns.

Discussing An Alternative

You can prevent the need for a root canal with proper oral hygiene, checkups, and getting restorations done when a cavity is found. If you do not want to have this done, the only other option would be to remove the affected tooth completely. This is often the last resort because losing a permanent structure can cause several problems for your oral health. However, if the area continues becoming infected after treatment or is not able to be restored, an extraction may be necessary.

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