3 Times You Need A New Toothbrush

You might have a lot of knowledge about dental hygiene. For instance, you know how frequently you should brush and floss. You know all about the right way to brush. You know that hygiene is very important for keeping your smile safe and clean. However, you may not always recognize the fact that you need a new toothbrush, which can end up hindering you from doing an excellent job cleaning your smile! Let’s cover a few major moments when it’s time to high-tail it to the drugstore for a replacement!

#1: You Dropped Yours

If you just dropped your toothbrush, it’s time for a new one. It’s often easier to simply reach for a replacement than to attempt to figure out whether your brush is safe for use. Remember, there are a lot of germs, dirt, bacteria, and more lingering on floors, in the toilet, behind the sink, etc. Why not just start fresh, so you know you’re not ingesting anything dangerous during your dental hygiene?

#2: Yours Is Old

If your toothbrush is old, then you’re using something that’s not as effective as it could be for your dental hygiene. How to know whether your brush needs to be retired or not? Follow this rule of thumb: If the brush is three to four months old, then you need to start with a new one. It’s that easy.

#3: Yours Doesn’t Line Up With Our Suggestions

If you’re not using the type of brush we suggest for your dental hygiene, then it’s time for a new brush. Not sure? Start over! Here’s the quick and very simple rundown:

  • Use a brush that fits in your mouth
  • Use a brush that’s comfortable to grip
  • Choose a brush with bristles that are referred to as “soft”
  • When possible, use an ADA (American Dental Association) accepted brush

Make Brushing Effective With Our Tips

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