Effectively Taking On Dental Discoloration

The color of your smile can help it stand out, or it can hurt your ability to feel confidence in your overall appearance. Discoloration can have different causes. For many, changes in enamel color occur because of an accumulation of stains from different foods and drinks. Others can experience difficulties because of issues within the tooth structure. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist can offer treatments that take on both of these issues. While a whitening treatment can fight stains that have built up over time, other cosmetic dental procedures can effectively hide intrinsic discoloration and make you happier with your smile!

Does Dental Discoloration Bother You?

Problems with discolored teeth can affect many people, but not everyone who wants to do something about it should pursue the same kind of care. For people who are trying to fight enamel stains, we can provide results with professional teeth whitening treatments. However, this can be a less effective strategy if you need to deal with discoloration within the tooth structure. We can evaluate you to determine if intrinsic discoloration is something you need to address. If it is, we can present other solutions that lead to welcome changes in the way you look!

Using A Teeth Whitening Treatment To Fight Stains

Through teeth whitening treatments, we can fight accumulated teeth stains that have made you unhappy with the way you look. You can depend on a customized whitening kit that your dentist provides, or you can come in for a single-appointment treatment. In-office care can deliver welcome changes in a short time, leading to a welcome confidence boost on short notice. If you prefer, you can pick up a treatment kit that has been specially made to help you see the improvements you desire while enjoying treatment from the comfort of home. These kits include personalized trays that let you apply bleaching agents directly to teeth so that you evenly fight discoloration.

Addressing Discoloration Within The Tooth Structure

Discoloration within your tooth structure can help you smile with greater confidence and resolve a frustrating problem with your appearance. Both porcelain veneers and tooth bonding treatments can help hide these blemishes. The added benefit to this approach is that you can fix more than just discoloration, leading to greater overall changes in the way you look!

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Treating Discolored Teeth

Through treatment to address dental discoloration, your dentist can help you smile with renewed confidence. Whether you need to do something about discoloration within the tooth structure or problems with accumulated stains, we can help you make meaningful improvements! If you would like to find out more, reach out to Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.