Providing Dental Work When Patients Have Cavities

You should take the threat of tooth decay seriously for several reasons. One significant concern is that you will experience permanent harm to your tooth structure even if the cavity is caught early. Because of this, treatment requires more than just the removal of infected and unhealthy tissues, as your Virginia Beach, VA dentist will also need to do something about that permanent harm. Through the placement of a dental filling or dental crown, we can ensure that you have the support that you need in order to maintain your natural bite function and preserve how you look!

We Can Help You When Dental Decay Requires Treatment

As harm caused by oral bacteria weakens your tooth structure, you become vulnerable to the formation of a cavity. When this occurs, you are left with permanent damage that will actually grow worse as time passes until the appropriate restorative treatment takes place. With that said, restorative dentistry requires more than just the removal of unhealthy tissues. The placement of a dental filling or dental crown will need to take place to make sure that you have lasting support for your vulnerable tooth. We can offer a restoration that is capable of supporting your smile and oral health, which means you can maintain confidence in how you look over time while also preserving a natural bite function.

Using A Dental Filling To Discreetly Protect A Tooth

Through the application of a composite resin substance we use for dental fillings, we can provide protection for a vulnerable tooth that has been affected by decay. The composite resin material has several advantages. One is that it can adhere directly to your tooth structure to provide a remarkable hold. Another is that it reacts less to temperature changes than the amalgam metal material often used for these restorations. Of course, what you can be relieved to learn is that a filling made with this resin substance can closely match your healthy enamel and effectively preserve your smile!

How Crowns Offer Long-Term Solutions For Problems With Advanced Decay

When patients need to do something about more advanced dental decay, we can offer help by providing support with dental crowns. These kinds of restorations offer more protection as they completely cover the tooth structure above the gumline. For a severe cavity or injury, or any problem that will require root canal therapy, this kind of protection can be necessary.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Treatment For A Cavity!

Through the right treatment for your cavity, we can help you take on issues with your smile and oral health, which means you can enjoy lasting support and feel comfortable with your smile. If you would like to learn more about our approach to restorative care, reach out to Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.