Placing A Filling Stops Tooth Decay

virginia beach fillingsWhen a cavity forms in your smile, this could lead to aches and without care, threaten the stability of your tooth. With a restoration, such as a dental filling, our team can treat cavities and bring relief. In today’s blog, your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist talks about how we prepare and place a composite resin dental filling.

How Cavities Form

How does a cavity form in one of your teeth? They develop once harmful oral bacteria reach the dentin, the sensitive inner structure that composes most of your tooth. Usually, the durable outer enamel prevents this from happening. But poor oral hygiene habits, such as improper brushing and flossing, a diet high in sugar, and infrequent dental cleanings, could allow plaque buildup to form and erode the enamel. Likewise, dental damage or teeth grinding could be a factor as well. Once a cavity forms, it will grow and spread through the tooth until you treat it, which could mean eventual infection and the risk of tooth loss. However, a simple dental filling could protect your smile!

Warning Signs and Long-Term Dangers

If you attend checkups and cleanings every six months, then our team can likely identify cavities in the earliest stages of demineralization, often before you experience pain. Otherwise, you may not realize you need care until your tooth is sensitive or aches, at which point the decay is in a more advanced state. An infection not only means worsening pain, but your tooth could require extraction or fall out if it doesn’t receive treatment, leading to more severe complications and discomfort. When your tooth hurts, you may need a dental filling.

Placing a Restoration

To place a dental filling, our team will first examine the smile with digital technology to pinpoint the position and assess the severity of the decay. We then numb the tooth and remove the decay thoroughly. We clean the teeth and then apply the material. Instead of metal, we use a composite resin. This is safe for all ages and patients, and can be color matched to blend with your smile seamlessly. We then cure it beneath a light as we sculpt the tooth. The last step is to polish it for a brighter appearance.

If you have any questions about our dental fillings, then contact our team today to learn more. Let’s keep your smile whole and healthy!

Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist Offers Restorative Dentistry

Don’t let your toothache grow more severe and risk the stability of your tooth! If you would like to find out more about treating tooth decay and other concerns with a durable and lifelike dental restoration, then please reach out to Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440.