Dental Services For Your Whole Family

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At Absolute Dental Care, our primary focus is helping members of our community of all ages enjoy healthy smiles. This means providing services for each member of your family that prevent and treat common problems such as tooth decay or infections. In today’s blog, your Virginia Beach, VA dentist takes a comprehensive look at our entire range of family dentistry services.

Dental Examinations

The first step in receiving treatment from our team is performing a dental examination. Your routine checkup forms the basis for gathering information that informs what additional services you may require. By taking the time to examine the current state of your oral health, we can identify problem areas that may go undetected on your own at home. In addition to a visual exam, we use modern imaging techniques to capture photos inside your mouth from multiple angles. From here we can diagnose cavities, gum disease, and infections in their earlier stages for patients of any age. In adulthood, we also begin screening for oral cancer at each checkup. A careful inspection of oral tissues can help detect symptoms that may necessitate a referral to a specialist. Other common problems we discover are TMJ disorder and damage from the constant grinding of your teeth.

In your teenage years, your dental exam provides a chance to track the growth and eruption of your wisdom teeth. This helps us time the need for an extraction before damaging the rest of your smile.

Dental Cleanings

In the same semiannual visits for your dental checkup, we will perform a dental cleaning. Our hygienist will use special tools to remove all plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of your teeth that your daily brushing and flossing cannot handle. A preventive cleaning can help you stop cavities and gum infections before they even start. Removal of oral bacteria also helps prevent bad breath and can minimize stains left by plaque accumulation. At the end of your cleaning, we apply polish to brighten the surface and smooth the area to prevent bacteria from reattaching. Remember to maintain your clean teeth between visits with daily oral hygiene!

Bruxism Treatment

If you suspect you exhibit constant grinding of your teeth, also known as bruxism, we can provide therapy to help. While this habit can be difficult to detect in its earlier stages, regular dental visits allow us to inspect your teeth for signs of wear. As part of our comprehensive dental services, we can provide a custom oral appliance to protect your teeth while you sleep. An oral guard can relieve tension from your bite and separate each row of teeth to prevent wear of the enamel.

Periodontal Maintenance

For patients with gum disease, we can place you on a periodontal maintenance schedule to prevent its progression or reverse it in its earliest stage. Common symptoms of gum infection include soreness, inflammation, and consistent bleeding when brushing or flossing. If you suspect an infection, do not wait to tell your dentist. If we can treat it before it reaches the jawbone, your infection may be curable. Once bacteria enter the bone, you require consistent treatment to stop the primary cause of tooth loss in adults. A perio cleaning removes bacterial deposits both above and below your gum line to go deeper than routine cleaning. For your comfort, we numb the affected area before accessing pockets beneath the gum line.

TMJ Disorder

TMJ disorder is a painful condition of the jaw that presents when the joint connecting your lower jaw to your skull does not properly operate. When this joint becomes strained, it can become difficult to fully open and articulate your mouth. TMJ is associated with several precipitating causes such as physical trauma, lost teeth, dental misalignment, and problems with the growth of your jaw. If you wake up with pain in this area or experience difficulty moving your jaw, let us know so we can explore solutions to return your comfort. A custom-designed oral appliance can offer a non-surgical solution to relieving your pain. By taking impressions of your bite, we can provide an oral guard that gently shifts your jaw into the correct position to relieve strain.

Treatment For Sleep Apnea

If you snore loudly at night and wake up each morning still feeling tired, you may be suffering from a condition known as obstructive sleep apnea. While many people snore, sleep apnea threatens your health by blocking your airways and causing you to stop breathing. While difficult to assess on your own, we can refer you to a sleep specialist to undergo an overnight sleep assessment. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, they may suggest a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine to keep your airway open as you sleep.

Speak With Your Virginia Beach, VA, Dentist About Family Dentistry

With an initial visit for a checkup and cleaning, your family can start a journey to a better smile! Call Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at 757-428-7440 to schedule an appointment for your loved ones soon!