Cosmetic Treatment For Your Gummy Smile

virginia beach gum contouringDo you have a gummy smile? This means you display too much gum tissues when you smile, which can impact the appearance of your teeth too. But in only one visit, we can correct this issue with advanced laser dentistry. In today’s blog, your Virginia Beach, VA, dentist talks about gum contouring benefits!

When You Need Gum Contouring

As we mentioned above, this could mean you show off too much gum when you smile, which can be embarrassing and also make your teeth appear short or uneven. This could occur due to complications with the growth of your smile and the eruption of your teeth, and for some, as a result of swelling related to poor gum health. Our team will conduct a detailed examination of your smile to assess the underlying factors and to plan treatment. With gum contouring, we can offer care in only one visit, so you leave our office after one sitting with a more attractive and healthier smile.

Advanced Laser Dentistry                                                                           

Our team will use advanced laser dentistry as part of the procedure. Dental lasers use a concentrated beam of light, and our system is specially calibrated for soft tissues. The lasers target the areas being treated with precision, which means there is little risk of damage to healthy tissues and structures. The precision also means the area heals quicker, as we don’t need scalpels and sutures. The procedure rarely requires the use of anesthesia too, and treatment also has a lowered risk of swelling, infection, and bleeding afterward. We can offer gum contouring with confidence and precision!

Treating Your Smile

Our team will gently mark the areas of the gums that need to be removed, and then do so with dental lasers, reshaping the gum line in the process to ensure proper symmetry and an attractive appearance. Our team can also use the same technology to aid in managing gum disease, by removing diseased tissues as part of the treatment process. We can then better manage it with cleanings every three to four months. If you have any questions about how gum contouring can be used to offer traditional oral health, beauty, and function in only one visit, or about how we can take on gum disease, then contact our team today to learn more.

Talk to Our Team About Cosmetic Periodontal Treatments

Our team wants to help you enjoy better periodontal health and a more attractive smile with the gum contouring procedure, so you can enjoy a more beautiful smile in only one visit. To learn more about our gum contouring procedure, then give us a call at Absolute Dental Care in Virginia Beach, VA at (757) 428-7440 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you correct your esthetic concerns and improve the overall health and appearance of your smile.