Reasons Avoiding Decay Is Smart

First, nobody wants to have a cavity, right? If you could choose between having a hole in your tooth with progressive tooth decay that will require you to receive a filling … versus having a tooth that’s whole and healthy … you would choose the latter, of course. So, why are patients often so unconcerned about decay? Is it because fillings exist, so it seems like “no big deal” to just wait for this issue and then to solve it? We have some suggestions for why it’s actually better to avoid decay altogether!

A Tooth Without Fillings Is Strongest

Yes, it’s true that your tooth that receives a dental filling is whole again. It’s structurally sound again. It is without disease, too! However, remember that the strongest and best way to keep your tooth is whole, healthy, free of decay, and free of fillings. In this state, your tooth is the strongest. A tooth that already has a filling is closer to the potential for advanced damage than one that does not.

Decay Can Advance Rapidly

Now, let’s talk about what happens with tooth decay. Patients often assume that once they are diagnosed, they have quite a while until the problem is actually serious. Unfortunately, even if your cavity is a little one, this does not guarantee you any amount of extra time to avoid dealing with the issue. Decay will keep doing what it does (destroying your tissue). The second it gives bacteria a way into your tooth (which can happen early on), you’re looking at infection instead of just decay. As a result, you’re looking at a root canal and a dental crown instead of just a filling. Avoid decay altogether to avoid the need for any restorative care!

Protect Teeth From Decay With Our Care

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