How An Ergonomic Workstation Impacts Smile Health

You’ve heard it before. You should really have your workstation set up in an ergonomically correct way. This means that you have aligned your posture by positioning yourself, your chair, your desk, your computer, and other accessories in a way that limits stress on your muscles, joints, etc. What does this have to do with your smile health, you wonder? Well, it’s important to remember that your entire body works as one unit! Consider some reasons it may be time to get serious about the way you work every day!

About Hand And Wrist Stress

Whether or not you’re heading down a path toward Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, you may certainly discover that you’re stressing your hands and your wrists due to the repetitive motion of typing and using a mouse. If so, this can cause uncomfortable or tingling hands, hands and arms that cramp up, and those that feel sore. This can manifest itself into a challenging dental hygiene session! When you hold the brush to brush your teeth and navigate throughout your mouth to floss, it may hurt. Keep your hands healthy, so caring for your smile health is easy.

About Your Posture

It is very easy to find yourself slumping down or sticking your head forward as you stare at your computer screen for hours on end. If you’ve noticed that this contributes to headaches and neck pain, you’re onto something! It can also contribute to TMJ disorder (TMD), particularly if you’re already dealing with it. This is the disorder that occurs when your jaw joints have become strained, fatigued, or damaged. You may also tend to grit or grind your teeth as a result of this posture concern. Protect your smile health by choosing an ergonomically friendly workstation!

Consider Our Tips For Excellent Oral Function

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