3 Floss-Related Excuses You’re Starting To Believe (But Shouldn’t!)

When you find that you’ve been starting to make excuses for why you’re choosing not to floss during your dental hygiene routines and you are even starting to believe those excuses, you may have a problem! Remember that the longer you go without flossing, the greater the chance you are going to develop some serious problems with your smile. In fact, even one day without flossing leaves your smile more vulnerable to gum disease and decay. To rectify this situation, our Virginia Beach, VA team suggests you consider a few common excuses, why they hold no weight, and then we invite you to come in, so we can help you enjoy flossing!

#1: You Can Just Brush Really Well Instead

You may think that cleaning your smile is something you can get creative with! However, our team reminds you that your best bet is actually to stick to the traditional, tried-and-true guidelines that are proven to work. Otherwise, you will probably end up missing plaque and dealing with other details that lead to consequences. So, remember: Though you may think you can brush extra-carefully or try to slip your brush bristles between teeth, where you floss, this is not to your advantage. It’s challenging, it isn’t thorough, you cannot do it with back teeth, and you simply need to keep flossing as part of your dental hygiene.

#2: Flossing Makes Your Gums Bleed, So You Should Avoid It

If you think that flossing is “making your gums bleed,” then we have something to explain to you! First, if your gums ever bleed, you need to schedule a dental checkup. Next, bleeding gums only happen from flossing if you are being extremely aggressive (find out if this is the case by switching to the suggested gentle dental hygiene). However, in most cases, this occurs because you have gingivitis (the first stage of gum disease) and pressure from floss causes bleeding. You need to see us quickly, so we can help. Then, you can floss without symptoms!

#3: You Don’t Like How It Feels, So It Must Be Bad For You

We know that there are many reasons flossing doesn’t feel good right now, such as the aforementioned gingivitis. Or, you are using a floss texture or flavor that isn’t working for you. You may need help with technique. See us soon for answers and it will feel just fine!

Make Flossing Enjoyable With Our Advice

Usually, if you are coming up with excuses to avoid flossing, it’s because you’re not enjoying it on some level. Come see us as soon as you can if this is true for you, so we may guide you toward complete dental care. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, and all surrounding communities.