Smile Makeover: Reality Edition

There are shows about home improvement, yard improvement, relationship improvement, and even helping your pets behave better. Why not spend a few minutes talking about smile improvement: reality edition. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist has solutions that can make an amazing difference in your smile. At your cosmetic consultation, or at any preventive care checkup, we can discuss realistic choices tailored to your preferences and your smile needs. Working with your visions for an ideal smile, and our knowledge of dental techniques and cosmetic approaches, an improved smile can become reality.

Reality Means A Healthy Foundation

If you have dental issues that impair your oral health, we will address these before beginning any cosmetic procedures. This might include addressing a cavity with a tooth colored filling, or performing a specialized deep dental cleaning to halt gingivitis. We will go over your medical history and the medications you take, especially if you will be needing any form of sedation.

Reality Means Caring for Your New Smile

There are some habits that are hard on natural teeth, and just as hard on cosmetic restorations. If you smoke or use tobacco products, for example, they can stain porcelain veneers just as they stain natural teeth. Harmful oral habits like nail-biting, pencil chewing, crunching hard candy and eating sticky sweets are also worthy of discussion. They may be a minor consideration, but they are potentially destructive to your smile.

Reality Means Addressing Financial Concerns

As we discuss options and your vision for your smile, we will be up front about costs. Our trusted staff can help file your insurance if we think a procedure will be covered, and they can discuss payment options as needed. While cosmetic procedures are generally not covered by insurance, an investment in your smile will pay you back hundreds of time each day.

We can help your smile makeover move from dream to reality

A better smile doesn’t have to exist only in your imagination. We can help you see the reality of what is possible when it comes to improving your smile. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.