Can TMJ Treatment Help To Relieve My Headaches?

It can be difficult to go about your daily life when you have chronic headaches. Unfortunately, many people have to navigate this uncomfortable existence, often choosing between addressing their pain and keeping up with responsibilities. You may be surprised to know that headaches are often caused by untreated problems with your jaw. An issue known as TMJ disorder can cause you to suffer headaches, and it can make you uncomfortable when biting, chewing, and even speaking. Your Virginia Beach, VA dentist is able to help treat TMJ disorder, which can help you enjoy relief from headaches.

You May Have Chronic Headaches Because Of A Problem With Your Jaw

The movement of your jaw is controlled by the trigeminal nerve, which is also responsible for sensations in your head, face, and jaw. What happens if you start to develop problems with your jaw due to poor bite alignment, persistent teeth grinding, or a physical injury? The issue can lead to pain in the different areas controlled by your trigeminal nerve. This means that your issues with your bite and your headaches may be linked. Through the treatment of your jaw troubles, we may be able to help you address multiple issues with discomfort.

Relieving The Stress Responsible For TMJ Disorder

After examining you and determining if TMJ disorder is responsible for your discomfort, we can speak with you about treatment options. A custom appliance can help you relax your jaw, and take away tension in your joints and muscles. In addition to using an appliance to relieve jaw pain, we can also design an appliance in order to prevent you from engaging in teeth grinding at night, a problem that can lead to pain as well as dental damage. In some cases, restorative dentistry may be recommended to take care of teeth that are doing a poor job providing biting and chewing support.

We Can Use TruDenta To Thoroughly Explore Your Troubles With Headaches

In order to fully understand why you are dealing with headaches, we can offer TruDenta treatment. With TruDenta, we can take a close look at the way your jaw movement might be causing tension that leads to headaches, and we can provide corrective support to help reduce that stress. This is a nonsurgical means of carefully evaluating you for reasons why you might be struggling with pain, one that can help you enjoy lasting relief from your headaches.

Talk To Your Virginia Beach, VA Dentist About Headaches And TMJ Treatment

At our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office, patients who are worried about headaches may find that their dentist is the right person to help them. You can schedule an appointment at Absolute Dental Care to talk about jaw pain, headaches, or any other issues that might be linked to oral health issues. To find out more, call our Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office at (757) 428-7440 to schedule a visit.