Can TruDenta® Relieve Your Headache?

Can TruDenta® Relieve Your HeadachePeople experience headaches for countless reasons, many of them temporary. But when headaches become migraines, or persist regularly regardless of how many pain relievers you take, there is likely an underlying problem that needs to be addressed. For many patients, that underlying problem is disharmony in their bite, such as crooked teeth, TMJ disorder, and more. If you suffer from bite-related headaches and other craniofacial discomfort, then the advanced technology of TruDenta® may be able to help you finally find lasting relief.

Bite Imbalances and Chronic Headaches

Your bite needs balance to properly distribute its pressure among your teeth and jaw joints. If your teeth or jaw are crooked, then the discrepancy can lead to undue pressure on your cranial nerves (particularly the dominant trigeminal nerves). Until your bite is corrected, the continued pressure will lead to a number of increasingly more severe symptoms, including headaches, migraines, ringing in the ears, difficulty biting and chewing, and more.

How Can TruDenta® Help?

In many cases of bite imbalances, particularly TMJ disorder, the solution lies in analyzing a patient’s bite and then designing a treatment to realign it. TruDenta® consists of advanced diagnostic technology, including a highly precise T-Scan, that allows your dentist to accurately correct the force distribution of your bite. A custom-made appliance will be crafted according the information that TruDenta® gathers to alleviate pressure on your cranial nerves and finally relieve your chronic headaches.