3 Hidden Smile Dangers

3balloonredThere are many times that we meet with patients who think they are making good decisions for continued oral health. Unfortunately, it’s common to find that something which logically seems like a smart choice is actually a hidden danger. For instance, certain foods that may benefit your body (thanks to optimal nutrient content) can damage your smile due to their acidity. Let’s examine a few frequent dangers, so you start to get the hang of how to make good selections.

#1: Sports Drinks

You might think to yourself that sports drinks are the best choice for you when you’re feeling dehydrated. After all, you know that a hydrated mouth is just as important as a hydrated body! Unfortunately, it’s not a great idea. These drinks are highly acidic and are generally full of staining food coloring. The result? They attack your enamel and can leave stains. When you can, choose water to protect your body and your oral health.

#2: Diet Drinks

Again, you might think that there’s nothing wrong with soda as long as you’re choosing diet. The same goes for juice. What could be healthier? The bad news is that these drinks are still highly acidic even though they are free of sugar (another culprit that leads to tooth decay). Avoid sodas as much as possible.

#3: OTC Cures

When you see something at the drugstore that claims to provide you with a treatment you have a hunch should be administered by a professional … run! OTC teeth whitening can damage your oral health, gingivitis “cures” will not work, etc. If you need help, call us. It’s that simple.