Invisalign Treatment: How Can I Protect It?

invisalignredlipsWhen you begin using Invisalign treatment for a straight smile, you will likely feel a lot of things (most often complete joy at the thought of your future smile). What you might not consider, however, is the fact that as easy as it is to successfully make it through treatment, it is just as easy to derail your treatment by overlooking some common, simple dangers. To make sure you’re doing your best to optimize treatment and avoid obstacles, we suggest you take our advice and keep it in mind on a daily basis.

Avoid Things That Cause Damage

There are some obvious things that can damage your Invisalign treatment trays. Well, they’re obvious once you’re aware of them, that is! First, make sure you’re not allowing hot liquids (even water) to come into contact with your trays. It might seem like it can help keep them clean but it’s only going to harm their shape, which leaves them worthless for your needs until you receive a replacement. You should also avoid wearing them while you eat or drink anything (unless it’s water that isn’t hot).

Make Responsible Choices

Think about the way you take care of delicate things and then apply this perspective to caring for your Invisalign treatment trays. For instance, you wouldn’t leave them just sitting out on your desk, you wouldn’t toss them in your pocket, and you wouldn’t wrap them in a tissue before tossing them into your purse, right? Right. Place them in a case made to protect trays, so you can be certain they won’t accidentally become damaged (or lost).