Quiz: Dental Care And Heart Health

quizbubblesquareWhen you think about your dental care, you probably focus primarily on your smile and the structures that make up that smile. You might think about brushing your teeth, about the visits you need to schedule, and so on. What you might not give much attention to, however, is how your heart health is related to oral health issues. To see whether this has crossed your mind (or if it’s brand new information), we offer you: A quiz!

Quiz Questions: True or False?

  1. True or False: It’s true that your heart health and dental care are connected but it’s in such a vague, hard-to-track way, that it’s actually not worth considering. However, as dental professionals, we like to remind people to care for their cardiac health, too.
  2. True or False: One common issue that we treat, which can lead to significant heart issues, is sleep apnea.
  3. True or False: It’s possible that gum disease affects your heart health. The plaque involved in periodontal problems may contribute to inflammation that promotes the occurrence of a heart attack.

Quiz Answers

  1. False. While we do promote overall wellbeing, the connection between issues treatable by our dental care and your heart health is actually quite a strong one in certain instances.
  2. True. If you suffer from sleep apnea but you choose to ignore the need for treatment, there are some long-term health side effects that can come into play. Due to the obstruction of your airways every night, it can affect your blood pressure and your heart.
  3. True. This is a problem that affects your oral-systemic health (or the relationship between your dental health and your entire body).