When Contouring Is Only Half The Battle

womanlaughingcloseupSo, your cosmetic care for your smile has been a long time coming and you are excited to have discovered the benefits of dental contouring. There are some issues with your teeth that we can easily rectify with a gentle smoothing of tissue, which means getting your teeth into a more appropriate physical shape is starting to seem like a reality. However, you have more than one goal for your smile and, as a result, you’re wondering what the rest of your care plan is going to look like. Let us explain some ways this might work, depending on your needs, so you better understand contouring.

When You Need Additional Tooth Tissue, Too

We often find that patients think if they choose dental contouring, they can’t also choose bonding. This is not accurate at all! Think of these two cosmetic treatments as friends who can join forces (or who are perfectly fine hanging out by themselves). If you only need dental contouring, that’s great. However, we can also strategize the use of both bonding and contouring to remove tissue where you have too much and to “add tissue” where you need a bit more.

When You Want A Whiter Smile

Don’t feel like you’re forced to choose the shape of your teeth over the whiteness. Don’t feel like in order to achieve everything you want, you must rely on veneers either. Do recognize that you may combine the benefits of dental contouring with teeth whitening. We can re-sculpt your teeth to get rid of a strange shape, point, too-long-tooth, or otherwise and get rid of discoloration.