Dental Bridges: What’s It Take?

dentalbridgeAre you starting to think that it’s time to take us up on our suggestion of placing a dental bridge to complete your smile? Have you been taking your time thinking this one over in part because you’re weighing your options and also because you’re simply unsure about what the process entails? When a bridge sounds like the best decision for you, getting the ball rolling can feel a bit intimidating if this is the case. Fortunately, you have nothing to worry about! The process of receiving a bridge is quite easy to step your way through. Take a bit of time to learn about it, so you feel relaxed (and excited) as you head toward the finish line.

Gathering Your Details

First things first, remember that your dental bridge is going to be a thoroughly customized prosthetic device. Translation: No two are alike, so we must carefully gather all of the details about your smile to ensure your bridge is a wonderful fit (and that it looks completely natural). We will begin by collecting the measurements of your teeth and relying on digital imaging to provide us with our “blueprints.” From this point, we can craft your personalized dental bridge.

Bridge Placement

Remember that a dental bridge is a fixed device. This means that once your custom bridge is complete, you will revisit us for the placement. Either end of the bridge is composed of a dental crown, which we bond to your natural teeth. We can ensure the fit and the finish are all just right, so you can return to smiling freely and eating your usual diet without worrying about your appearance or the stability of your smile.