Extractions: 3 Tips For Successful Recovery

3asphaltOnce you become accustomed to the idea of a dental extraction to protect your oral health, you might find that you begin worrying about the aftermath of your extraction. The good news is that we’ve got you covered from pre-treatment to post-treatment. As long as you follow our instructions and remain mindful of our suggestions, you can expect an easy and successful recovery. To help you feel more confident, we provide some quick tips that will remind you just how simple it is to rest up and recover.

Tip #1: Leave The Area Alone

One of the absolute best things you can do after your dental extraction is to leave the treated site alone. Your extraction site will need to heal, which is best accomplished if it remains undisturbed. Think of this like any other wound on your body. If you poke at it or touch it, the natural clotting and scabbing process cannot occur. If you allow it to follow its natural course of healing, recovery can go off without a hitch. (Note: We will provide you with specific care instructions).

Tip #2: Skip The Spitting And Sucking Motions

When we tell you to avoid spitting and sucking motions for a few days, we mean it. Don’t spit, don’t drink through a straw, etc. The reason behind this is the fact that a disorder called “dry socket” can occur after a dental extraction if you cause the clot in the extraction site to become dislodged. Skip this issue, the associated discomfort, and the need for additional treatments by following our advice.

Tip #3: Remember, You Have Replacement Options

Remember, the open space in your smile isn’t a permanent one. You have access to a variety of lovely replacement options to complete your smile once the site heals.