Toothache? Skip Halloween Treats!

halloweencandywrappedIf your tooth hurts, you might feel a bit like a little kid as Halloween approaches. We understand that the urge to pout might even come on suddenly! After all, you’ve been looking forward to hanging out with the people you love, eating exceptionally indulgent treats, and feeling footloose and fancy free. Unfortunately, when tooth pain strikes, it’s not the time to be messing around with things that can make matters worse. Instead, it is time to pick up the phone, call us, and set up a dental care visit ASAP. Remember … you can still look forward to tons of holiday parties and goodies not long after October is through.

About Your Toothache

Your toothache can mean a lot of things. It can mean nothing more than the fact that you bumped it against a fork or glass but you have since forgotten (and it’s still sore). It can mean your tooth is seriously infected and you need a root canal treatment. It can mean you have a cavity that requires a filling. It can mean your tooth is cracked but you can’t see it. While your festive nature might not like it, this all boils down to one thing: You need to come in for a dental care visit, so we can figure out what’s happening, treat the tooth, and send you home smiling.

About Halloween And Toothaches

These two aspects of your life simply do not play well together. While it’s true that biting into something sugary can promote tooth decay and might feel very uncomfortable, this is not your only concern. If you’re dealing with infection, decay, or damage, eating sticky or hard foods and candies can lead to heightened sensitivity, pain, and may even yield more damage. As a result, we say skip the candy, say yes to dental care, and remember: You can still wear your costume and enjoy yourself on Halloween night!