Why You Can’t Brush Toward Whiter Teeth

whycardslightsIf you have received a whitening treatment, you can keep your teeth nice and brilliant by brushing, flossing, and receiving cleanings. However, if you are dealing with already stained teeth, no amount of brushing (and no amount of fancy techniques) is going to help you attain a dramatically whiter smile. You need professional cosmetic care. Otherwise, you may find yourself steeped in disappointment, damage, and short a few more dollars than initially intended. Learn more!

The Stains Aren’t All Superficial

The reason patients assume they can whiten their teeth with brushing is because they assume discoloration is resting on the outside of tooth tissue. This is not the case. When teeth become yellowed or lackluster, pigments have penetrated one’s teeth (which are porous), taking up residence within those dental layers. As a result, you need cosmetic care to remove these stains or to camouflage them.

Excessive Brushing Or Abrasive Products Yield Damage

Unfortunately, if you choose to follow through on brushing extra hard, brushing more often, or using any type of abrasive or “whitening” product, you may end up with serious damage. Your teeth, though strong and resilient, are not immune to injury. Harsh chemicals and abrasive products can erode teeth and harm gums.

You Need Professional Care

As mentioned, you need professional cosmetic care if you want a beautifully vibrant smile! Check out our myriad of cosmetic options. Depending on your particular needs and the extent of your smile’s discoloration, we may suggest teeth whitening, bonding, or veneers to achieve your transformation.