Dental Care Holiday Edition: Your Healthy Smile Recipe

Here we are again, facing the quick rush of holiday excitement and an impending new year. Are you ready for 2017 yet or are you doing your best to savor the moment and stretch 2016 out for as long as you possibly can? No matter your approach to enjoying wintertime and its many memory-making moments, we encourage all patients to approach dental care with one general set of guidelines. Add one part dedication, one part consistency, and just a dash of enthusiasm and mix well. What does that give you? A recipe for a very healthy smile.

Gathering The Ingredients

About those ingredients! They are very important. To make sure you’re prepared to follow through with excellent dental care, it’s essential that you gather up the following:

  • A dental practice you like (that’s where we come in)
  • A soft-bristle toothbrush
  • Toothpaste you enjoy (with fluoride)
  • Dental floss you like

Your Directions

Now you have all of your ingredients together and you’ve made a special note to select items you actually like, so the process is a nice one. To make your efforts worthwhile throughout the year, follow our directions:

  • Using your toothbrush, brush your smile two times daily
  • Using your dental floss, floss your smile one time daily
  • Pick up the phone to contact our office, setting up one appointment every six months for a checkup and cleaning

Helpful Tips

You may find that you have questions about your ingredients, you may need some additional information to correctly follow through on the directions, or you may notice that the finished product just isn’t turning out as you’d hoped. Rest assured, we are here to provide services and to guide you through your dental care so it is successful. Have questions? Just ask!