Q&A: Your 2016 Dental Insurance Benefits (And More)

qascrabbleDo you generally feel like your daily life during this time of year is filled with list after list of presents to purchase, plans to make, and parties to jot down into your planner? Maybe you’re making a holiday meal, so you’ve got a grocery list going, too! If you don’t happen to have a dental care list, we suggest you get one started and make your way through it quite quickly! Why? Well, you’ll want to spend a bit of time thinking over your dental insurance benefits before we reach 2017. In fact, you just might want to move that list to the top of the pile! Get started on this quick project with some Q&As.

Questions and Answers

Question: I just realized that 2016 is almost over and I think that my dental insurance benefits run out at the end of December. Can you tell me whether my insurance will apply to next year or not?

Answer: We cannot answer questions that pertain to individual insurance plans. While we can speak with you about the types of insurance and payments we will accept, the details you are seeking will be found through your insurance company’s customer service department.

Question: What type of dental insurance do you accept?

Answer: You will find that we accept most plans, such as MetLife, Delta, and Cigna. The list goes on, so please feel free to contact us to ask about your plan.

Question: I’m a little panicked about my dental insurance benefits running out as the clock strikes 12 on the New Year! What should I do? I need a visit.

Answer: Schedule it now. Contact us today, so we can do our best to ensure you receive the appointment you need.