Things That Sound Good (But Don’t Work)

womanwonderingbrunetteSometimes, you will surprise yourself when you come up with a seemingly brilliant idea. Shocked, you give yourself a pat on the back, plan on sharing this wonderful news with your friends and family, and wonder why you bother to come in for visits in the first place! Of course, we understand the excitement that can come with thinking you have discovered a miraculous shortcut to good oral health. However, we are also here to keep you level-headed about care. The consistent dental hygiene we suggest (and professional visits) are truly essential. We have a couple examples of what sounds great (but won’t actually work) for you to consider.

Cleaning Between Teeth With Your Brush

You may suddenly notice that you can easily slip a bristle or two of your toothbrush between your teeth as you brush. “If I can brush between my teeth, I must not need to floss!” you might think to yourself. While this technique can certainly remove some food particles, it does not provide the same thorough cleaning as floss (not even close!). It can also cause your toothbrush bristles to become a bit warped. Instead, remind yourself that daily flossing is an excellent and thorough way to remove plaque and food from between teeth and beneath your gumline for good oral health.

Following A DIY Teeth Whitening Recipe

You will certainly find all manner of DIY whitening recipes online. However, it’s important to remember that they probably cannot penetrate your enamel, they haven’t been tested, and you are not a dentist. If you want to see the results you desire without harming your oral health, skip the DIY projects and come on in for cosmetic care.