2 Reasons To Drink More Water

You always hear that you should drink more water. Unless you’re someone who is already well into a routine during which you consume 64 ounces of water on a daily basis, then this advice certainly holds weight. It’s time to increase your water consumption! In certain instances, it’s important that you simply get more of it. In other instances, it’s important that you’re drinking it throughout the day for the sake of your oral health. Let’s review the details with some important and simple-to-understand reasons to make room for more H20!

Reason #1: To Clean Off Your Smile

The first reason you should drink more water (or choose to drink it after consuming other beverages or foods) is because it cleans your smile. When you don’t have access to your toothbrush, drink water. When you eat a dessert, drink water afterwards. When your teeth are coated from a meal, drink water. It’s neutral, it displaces food and bacteria, and it helps you avoid oral health issues.

Reason #2: To Keep Dry Mouth At Bay

When your mouth is dry, you can literally end up with a disorder known as dry mouth. The cause of this issue varies. You might simply need to drink more water. You may experience the problem as a side effect of certain medication. You might be quite congested. In any case, drinking water re-hydrates tissues and helps rinse plaque and food away (which, at the moment, your saliva is not able to do). Yet another simple way to protect your oral health with water! (It happens to be good for your entire body, too).