Have Sleep Apnea? Avoid These 3 Things.

Are you suffering from sleep apnea? If you are, you know that our number one suggestion to protect yourself right now and in the long run is to come in as soon as possible to begin receiving sleep apnea treatment. It’s simple, noninvasive, and only requires you to wear a special mouthguard at night. In addition, there are some very simple risk factors that you can avoid to promote sound sleep, instead of the interrupted sleep that comes from collapsing airways! Learn more to protect your nighttime experience and your health.

#1: Sleep Aids

Of course, when you feel tired and you learn that your sleep is interrupted, you might think that a sleep aid is a good idea. Or, you may simply be someone who finds it difficult to fall asleep. Unfortunately, the fact that these aids help you relax means they relax your muscles, too. The result? An increased chance of collapsing throat tissues. Find natural ways to relax (like music, exercising during the day, meditation), so you can avoid artificial relaxants.

#2: Sleeping On Your Back

So simple! Sleeping on your back allows soft tissues to gather in your throat, which may contribute to your sleep apnea. Give sleep apnea treatment the help it needs by sleeping on your side or on your tummy instead.

#3: Untreated Congestion

What other obvious problem may get in the way of clear, easy breathing while you sleep? Congestion, of course. Avoid long-term congestion to promote effective sleep apnea treatment. Take over-the-counter medication, avoid allergens, or simply see your general practitioner for help.