Dentures: What’s With All This Slippage?

Are you someone who wears full or partial dentures? If you answered, “Yes” and you’re having trouble with your stability these days, there are many avenues of improvement to consider. In some instances, your denture may simply not be the right fit at the moment. In other cases, you may just need a little help keeping it in place. Learn more, so you can say goodbye to slippage!

You May Want To Try Denture Adhesive

You might find that the suction your mouth is creating is just not always adequate to provide you with ongoing stability. Running out to the drugstore to pick up denture adhesive is a wise move. It may give you the stable wear that you’re hoping to achieve.

They May Not Fit Correctly

Did you receive your full or partial dentures from another practice? Did you notice from day one that they never seemed to feel comfortable, they never offered the stability you were hoping for, and something always just felt “off” about them? If so, you may have dentures that don’t fit (which can result in slippage). Schedule time to consult with us (and recognize that you may require a replacement).

They May Be Damaged

Did your full or partial dentures once provide you with consistent support but they haven’t been living up to their usual potential lately? If so, you may be dealing with some damage that’s causing them to slip. Talk with us about the issue and come in for a visit: A repair may be just what you need!