3 Reasons Your Jaw Is Sore

You know that when you’re experiencing oral related discomfort like a toothache for an extended period of time, you should call us to schedule a checkup. However, when you’re experiencing jaw soreness, you may not know how to deal with the situation. What’s causing the pain, you wonder? Does it require care from your dentist? The short answer is: A variety of factors may be coming into play and yes, you should come in. As for a preview into what might be going on, consider some common contributing factors.

Reason #1: It Could Be TMJ Disorder

Your jaw soreness may be the result of TMJ disorder (TMD), which means the joints that allow you to open and close your mouth (your jaw joints or TMJs) aren’t doing well. Come see us for a visit.

Reason #2: It Could Be Bruxism

You may automatically assume your jaw soreness is related to TMD but it’s entirely possible that bruxism is to blame. If you are diagnosed with this issue it mean that you brux (or that you either clench your teeth together or you grind them against each other). Thanks to the consistent movement and pressure, jaw discomfort is often a symptom. Treatment will help!

Reason #3: It Might Be Minor Irritation

Think back through what you did, what you ate, how you slept, and more. Did you wake up with your jaw pressed to the side against your arm? Did you eat something incredibly tough or hard to chew? Did you knock your face into something on accident? Like any other part of your body, it’s possible to irritate your jaw joint, to strain the muscles, and to cause some soreness. A checkup is always beneficial but if you can identify and cut out the reason you’re uncomfortable (and it does not persist), the situation may resolve on its own.

Jaw Soreness Means It’s Time For A Visit

Experiencing jaw soreness is a mystery that you can quickly solve (and treat) by coming in to see us for an appointment. Contact Absolute Dental Care today to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.