Dental Bridges: What They Are (And Are Not)

Getting to know your options for different tooth replacement treatments often requires you not only to figure out what a specific treatment will provide you but also what it will not do. For the comprehensive information you’re seeking on dental bridges, we offer you clear details to help you move ahead with your plans for completing your smile.

They Are: Fixed Dental Prosthetics

When you learn that a dental bridge is a fixed prosthetic, this immediately lets you know one thing: It’s not removable like a partial denture. If you’re interested in a bridge, it’s a device that is going to stay put right where we bond it to your teeth, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Fortunately, this is to your benefit if you prefer a fixed option because it offers wonderful stability.

They Are: Long Wearing

When you’re replacing your teeth, you want something that is going to last, not something that will act as a “bandage” of sorts, temporarily solving the problem. Fortunately, bridges are not a momentary fix. The often appreciated news with a dental bridge is the fact that they have a reputation for lasting several years. While they may last a minimum of around five, you can also get long wear out of them at approximately 15 years!

They Are: Easy

Dental bridges are easy. They are not difficult to wear or care for. Once in place, you don’t need to worry about keeping up with them since they are fixed. Caring for them is a breeze because the only change might be flossing not only between teeth but also between your gum tissue and the device. All in all, your smile will go back to its fully functional, complete finish.

Replace Missing Teeth With Stable Bridges

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