Keeping Your Tongue Clean

Do I really have to keep my tongue clean? you may wonder to yourself. The short version of the answer to that question is, “Yes.” While it’s important that your tongue remain clean as part of your dental hygiene, you might not know much about how to make this happen, why it’s essential, or why it will benefit you. Take a few mental notes as we take the mystery out of what to do regarding keeping your entire mouth clean and healthy.

You Should Brush Or Scrape

You need to either brush your tongue every day or “scrape” it. Don’t worry, scraping is not what it sounds like. You can use your toothbrush and toothpaste during a dental hygiene session to gently brush your tongue from the back to the front. This is quite simple and effective. Or, if you just do not like the way this feels, you may opt for a tongue scraper. It’s a plastic device that you drag along your tongue to remove particles and bacteria. It’s a good option for a smooth, gentle cleansing.

Why Do This?

Bacteria in your mouth coat every surface. They coat your teeth, they hide beneath your gumline, and they rest on your tongue. You want to dislodge them and rinse them away because they are the main cause of problems like gingivitis, bacteria, and tooth decay. Keeping your mouth as clean as possible (your tongue included) with daily dental hygiene will yield the best results (a glowing, healthy smile).

Protect Your Oral Health With Tongue Care

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