3 Things Extractions Eliminate

You know that you need a dental extraction to make your oral health all better. However, do you really know much about the specifics? Are you certain about what types of problems your tooth removal is going to eliminate? If not, realizing the ways removing a problematic tooth will make your life easier can make scheduling and coming in for your treatment much more attractive.

#1: The Abscess That Is About To Form

If you have a serious infection, you’re on the road toward an abscess, which is a pocket of pus that develops when an infection becomes severe. That abscess can break open, leaking infection into other tissues and even into your circulatory system, which can pose a risk to your overall health. Say yes to the dental extraction and this major threat is eliminated.

#2: The Discomfort You’re Experiencing

If you’re experiencing discomfort because of your oral health issue that’s yielded a need for a dental extraction, removing the tooth will eliminate that problem. After a tiny bit of soreness that may result from your extraction, you’ll be back to a comfortable smile. No more pressure, sharp pain, dull pain, swelling, or the need to manage your discomfort. Just a healthy smile.

#3: The Daily Stress

Do you need an extraction because of a wisdom tooth that we have told you might form a cyst or damage your other teeth? Is there an infection that’s getting worse? Perhaps you broke a tooth and we have warned you about possible complications. When you agree to the dental extraction you need, your daily stress based on the “what ifs” goes away. What’s left is a smile that’s perfectly healthy or on the road toward tooth replacement and a fully restored bill of health.

Say Yes To Necessary Extractions

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