Common Questions About Crowns

What are you interested in learning about dental crowns? Have you just begun to scratch the surface (you know that they are placed to protect and cover a damaged tooth) but that’s about it? To help you gain a clearer understanding of what you can expect from this restorative treatment, you can make use of a quick Q&A session covering essential details. You’ll see that many of our patients bring similar questions to our attention, for which we are always pleased to offer answers.

Questions and Answers

Question: After you place a dental crown on my smile, how many years of wear can I expect to get out of it? Will it be something that requires replacement fairly often?

Answer: The answer is not the same for everyone because it depends on the material used, the location of the tooth, and how well you care for your smile. As a general guideline, however, you can expect to experience several years (anywhere from around five to 30 or more!).

Question: Am I going to have a challenging time taking care of my dental crown? I know that it’s artificial tissue, so do I really need to care for it at all?

Answer: This will be a simple process. You’ll continue caring for your teeth and gums as we have always instructed. Remember that you do need to care for your crown because it’s surrounded by organic tissue and it is not immune to damage.

Question: Will you ever place a dental crown if it isn’t actually necessary? For instance, what if I have a cavity? Can’t I just get a filling?

Answer: We practice conservative dentistry, which means we strive to preserve your natural tissue. If we can use any treatment less intensive than a crown, then we will. We only place crowns when absolutely necessary.

Receive A Crown To Save Your Tooth

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