Q&A: All About Your Fluoride Use

If you’re curious about your fluoride use, we applaud you for beginning to wonder about how to best care for your smile. However, we know that our admiration for your intentions isn’t exactly going to help you gain any of the answers you’re seeking. So, to help you feel more educated and to make sure you can make wise choices for yourself, we’ve got a Q&A session ready for you on the topic of fluoridation and your oral health.

Questions and Answers

Question: Who needs fluoride? Is it something that children need but adults do not?

Answer: Everyone needs it. It’s very important to closely monitor the levels that children receive because their teeth are still developing (a process that only happens once!). However, even into adulthood, this mineral is essential for optimal oral health.

Question: What exactly does fluoride do? I know it’s supposed to be good for my oral health but why?

Answer: It protects your teeth by helping to keep your enamel (outer tooth layer) nice and hard. As a result, you run a greatly decreased risk of experiencing issues like tooth decay and erosion that can harm your smile.

Question: I know that fluoride is an added ingredient in a lot of dental hygiene products. Does that mean it’s artificial? Is it safe for my smile?

Answer: It’s entirely safe for your smile! It’s not artificial but a mineral that occurs naturally on Earth! Seeing us for your checkups every six months means we can monitor whether you need more or less fluoride, so there’s nothing you need to figure out on your own.

Prevent Decay By Using Fluoride

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