I Eat Healthy: So, Why Do I Need Dental Care?

So, you’re someone who eats very healthy. You ensure you’re getting lot of important vitamins and minerals that keep your body healthy and your smile in good shape, too. You avoid candy and junk food and you do your best to eat plenty of whole foods. As a result, you might imagine that your smile will naturally remain healthy. If such a thing is true, then why would one need to brush or floss or ever come in for dental care? Well, you have unfortunately given your diet a bit too much credit where your smile is concerned. Diet does, of course, play a huge role in protecting your oral health. However, there’s more to consider!

At Home Because…

Did you know even healthy foods can lead to damage to your smile, so you still need to provide yourself with dental care at home? Here’s what you need to know: A coating called biofilm (or plaque) coats your oral tissues. The film is full of bacteria. Some of the bacteria are bad and can lead to problems like decay and gingivitis. They feed on carbohydrates that you eat. So, even if you eat very healthy, you’re still consuming the stuff bacteria eat, digest, and then release as acids onto your teeth. Brush and floss to keep plaque and food debris away, so problems don’t develop.

With Our Team Because…

You eat healthy and you care for your smile at home. Why on earth would you also need professional dental care, you want to know? In this case, it’s because even though you’re adhering to our suggestions for brushing and flossing, your smile isn’t going to be left immaculate. Instead, there will be a bit of disease-causing plaque and tartar left. Our job is to clean that off for you!

Eat Healthy And Care For Your Smile For Best Success

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