3 Things To Remember If You’re Considering Implants

Has the possibility of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants crossed your mind recently? If implants are on your radar but you don’t know much about the process required to receive them, then we think it might be time for you to gather up a few essential details. Fortunately, if you decide you are up for the journey, you can expect truly remarkable results and a complete smile that can remain that way for life. As for what that journey might entail, however, let’s make our way through a few significant factors to keep in mind.

#1: You’ll Need A Long Stretch Of Time

If you want to make dental implants your tooth loss treatment of choice, you’ll need to recognize this isn’t going to be an overnight fix. Instead, the journey is a little bit longer than most. You’ll need about three months initially to heal from the placement. You may then require up to a year or so until everything is completely finished.

#2: You May Need To Stop Smoking

If only temporarily before and after dental implant placement, you may need to stop smoking and using other tobacco products. This is because tobacco products greatly increase the chance of implant failure. In addition, smoking slows your rate of healing, which can get in the way of an otherwise successful surgery. Ask for additional details if this is a concern for you.

#3: It’s Possible To Require Pre-Treatment Care

You might not be ready for dental implants just yet! Remember that your jawbone must be in satisfactory health to offers support to implant posts. In some instances, bone grafting and other treatments are initially required in order to restore your smile’s health and candidacy for placement.

Find Out If Implants Are A Fitting Solution For You During A Visit

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