3 Times To Consider Flavor

Yes, you are an adult. This means that you should be okay with any flavor no matter what when it comes to your dental hygiene products, right? Well, not exactly. It’s true that you may be a little bit less challenging to please than a child when it comes to your taste buds (or you may be more willing to use something you don’t really like). However, life is simply too short to force your way through caring for your smile! With that said, let’s review a few times it really is okay to be picky about flavor.

#1: With Toothpaste

Hey there, grownup. We know that you might be a little embarrassed by the suggestion but it actually does make a big difference whether you love the flavor of your toothpaste or abhor it. Why? Well, like anything else, you will naturally find yourself drawn to and enjoying things that you like and naturally steering away from and avoiding contact with those things you detest. Be kind to yourself when it comes to dental hygiene and use the stuff you love!

#2: With Dental Floss

Choose dental floss in a flavor you like (or try really hard to find one that is flavor-free). You’ll be so happy that you don’t have the lingering taste of something yucky in your mouth every time you clean it!

#3: With Your Kids’ Products

Let’s review the aforementioned facts about little kids and their expectations. You’re not going to be fighting a winning battle if you try to convince your child to use a toothpaste or other product he or she finds repulsive. So, do your best to give into the sometimes disturbing taste bud preferences of little ones, let them use the flavor they really love, and watch as they brush successfully (and maybe even with a smile)!

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