Enjoy The Winter Wildlife Festival  

If you’ve ever had a visitor stay with you who was awed by the fact that we have real live seals in our town, well then: You were reminded that our community is home to a variety of interesting animals that aren’t necessarily in everyone’s backyard, so to speak. Why not get out and take a closer look at our exceptional wildlife with the Winter Wildlife Festival 2018?

What Is It?

The event is the Winter Wildlife Festival 2018, during which you will have the opportunity to discover the different local areas that animals call home, so you may catch a glimpse into the extraordinary world of winter wildlife. Enjoy excursions like boat trips, walks, and more! Whether your favorite is the whale, bird, seal, or otherwise, it’s sure to be an exciting experience. Check out exhibits, learn more from workshops, and even enjoy some delicious food to keep you energized (food trucks will be on site).

When Can I Attend?

The festival takes place from January 26th through January 28th, 2018. Check the website for activities, admission information, locations, and hours by day.

Where Is It?

The main festival will take place at the Princess Anne Recreation Center, which is located at:

1400 Nimmo Pkwy
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Who Is Invited?

This is a family-friendly event!

How May I Discover More?

You may call Outdoor & Environmental Programs at 757-385-2990 for additional details.

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