Teeth-Whitening Options, And Why

If you are troubled by a dull smile, teeth-whitening is a broad term for several procedures that could restore the sparkle to your smile. Even with the best brushing and flossing habits, there are popular and delicious foods that can gradually discolor teeth. This includes healthful foods (like blueberries and cherries) as well as dark sodas and brightly colored sports drinks (which should be more of an occasional treat). There are a variety of whitening options available from your Virginia Beach, VA dentist, and reasons to consider each process.

When You Want To Be In Control

Take home whitening trays, with potent whitening gel are the smart choice when you want to whiten on your own schedule. This is also an economical option if you are not concerned with immediate results. We will design custom-filled trays, and supply you with whitening supplies and a suggested wearing schedule. You can choose the time each day, and enjoy watching the brightening of your teeth over a period of 10-14 days.

When You Want Immediate Results

Our in office whitening process significantly lightens teeth in a single appointment, usually in about an hour. We use bleaching agents, activated by a special light, to deliver an improved smile in one short office visit.

When Surface Whitening Is Not The Answer

Sometimes teeth stains do not reside in the enamel layer, but are deeper within the teeth. Our first move is to examine the discolored areas for signs of decay or infection. These problems can be treated with a tooth colored filling or other restorative procedure. Once the tooth is problem-free, the discolored area may be masked by bonding a bit of tooth-colored resin over the area. For larger areas, one or more porcelain veneers may be the answer to brighten a smile.

Would Whiter Teeth Brighten Your Smile?

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