Symptoms To Consider: What Your Tongue Is “Saying”

Your tongue might be trying to tell you something. You might quickly interpret a change as a sign that you need to make a change. Or, you may not have such an easy time figuring out exactly what’s going on! Lucky for you, when in doubt regarding preventive care details in Virginia Beach, VA, all it takes is a quick stop at our practice (call ahead to schedule a checkup). We’ll examine your tongue and the rest of your smile, talk with you about what is happening, and send you on your merry way with answers and solutions. For now, covering some common issues is going to help!

You’ve Got A Bacterial Thing Going On

What’s going on with your tongue? Does it look like it has a bit of a white coating on it? Do you feel like you have a bad taste in your mouth and your breath is somewhat offensive, too? Let’s sort some things out:

  • Are you brushing your tongue during your dental hygiene sessions? If not, it is time to start!
  • You need to come in to talk with us about your smile during a preventive care visit. You likely have an accumulation of bacteria in your mouth, which is contributing to this problem. However, without an exam, you can’t know for sure. See us soon.

You’ve Got Some Bruxism Happening!

You might feel alarmed by the sudden arrival (well, it’s likely been developing over time) of what looks like a bumped appearance along your tongue’s outer border. A scalloped pattern often means that you’ve been grinding your teeth or clenching them. Fortunately, we can take care of this issue with preventive care. We offer a treatment for bruxism that will assist you in protecting your tongue and your teeth, while encouraging the motions to stop.

It Might Be Dry Mouth!

What’s your tongue feel like? Does it feel dry or sticky? Do you feel like your tongue burns just a little bit? Let us know. This is a problem that you may be able to take care of with a little investigative work (for instance, are you drinking enough water?). Or, you may need our care to guide you toward proper saliva levels. Come in!

See Us For Tongue Concerns Today!

When your tongue is letting you know something is amiss with your smile health, it’s time to let us know, so that you can clear up the issue! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.