Your Breath: Why It Means More Than Just Your Reputation

Yes, if you’re dealing with bad breath, you might find that others have some less than kindly thoughts about this aspect of your being! The good news is that you can turn things around by addressing the problem. The next time you see the individual you offended, you’ll be in the clear and you’ll be right back in good standing once your breath smells nice! However, it’s important to remember that not-so-fresh breath is not just about your reputation. It may mean something is lurking behind the scenes that requires more than just another round of brushing.

It Might Be Bacterial Accumulation

Let’s talk about bad breath and bacteria for a second. Bacteria don’t give off beautiful floral odors or anything even remotely similar. The odors that come from them are very gross. So, when you have too many bacteria in your mouth, you end up with offensive breath. How might you end up in such a pickle? Well, one of the following is always possible:

  • You have dry mouth, which promotes accumulation
  • You haven’t been taking excellent care of your smile
  • You’re doing your best but you’re missing areas of your smile!
  • You’re overdue for your cleaning with us

It Could Be A Treatable Oral Health Concern

Think about other little hotbeds of odors that you may never have considered before. Remember that where there’s decay or infection, bacteria have been wreaking havoc with your tissues. A cavity or another underlying concern may make your mouth taste awful and might lead to bad breath, too. Of course, this is all easy to fix with our restorative care.

You Might Be Overlooking Something Simple, Though

You may come in for a dental checkup only to discover that there actually isn’t anything wrong with your smile. Your oral health is just fine! However, you still have bad breath. We encourage you to think through your daily habits to determine whether you’re just snacking on something with an offensive spice or other ingredient. This may be the very simple answer to your dilemma. Cut it out of your diet and you’ll probably be able to quickly welcome back your pleasant breath.

Freshen Your Breath To Keep Your Smile Healthy

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