Ready For Dental Bonding?: How To Find Out

Sure, you may be “ready” for dental bonding in that you feel very excited about the idea and can’t wait for your smile to look better (and you figure bonding is your best solution). However, our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that being prepared can mean more than just feeling like it’s time! Your smile and oral health have to be healthy, too. Of course, it’s also important that bonding really is the best option for your smile. How to figure all of this out, you wonder? As you may have already been guessing, the answer is easy: Talk with us! However, we’re happy to help you out right now with some initial details.

Ask Yourself: Is My Smile Healthy?

Begin by asking yourself if your smile is healthy. If you’ve been seeing us every six months for dental visits, then you probably know the answer. If not, then it’s time to come in to see us! Don’t forget that when you are interested in cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental bonding, we will always examine your smile first. We put your oral health before the esthetics of your smile. So, you’ll only be ready once your teeth and gums are in good shape.

Consider: Do I Need More Tissue?

You’re only ready for dental bonding if it’s the right treatment for your smile. If you need more tissue in particular areas to make your smile more esthetically appealing, then bonding is likely right for you.

Think About This: Am I Planning On Teeth Whitening?

Have you been thinking about addressing your all-over discoloration with teeth whitening? However, you are also interested in dental bonding to fix a tooth with a crack, chip, or something similar? If so, then remember: You’re going to need to whiten your teeth first, so we may then color-match the composite we use during bonding.

Of Course, A Visit Is Your Final Answer

Of course, the final word on your readiness for bonding isn’t something you’re just going to whip up from home. Instead, you’ll need to spend some time with our friendly team! We can quickly help you get ready and receive care (or find another treatment that’s better for your smile needs).

Talk With Us About Your Readiness For Bonding!

Think it’s time for dental bonding? Find out for sure when you visit our team. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.