Your Morning Beverage: Let’s Talk Milk, Juice, And Coffee

What do you like with your breakfast? Have you always gotten up, prepared your breakfast, and then sat down and poured yourself a tall glass of milk? Perhaps no morning is complete until you’ve had a nice cup of orange juice. Or, if you’re like lots and lots of people, coffee is an absolute to perk you up at home, on your way to the office, at work, while you run errands, etc. So, what should you be thinking about these drinks as they apply to your oral health, you wonder? Is your assumption that coffee is the most acidic accurate or are you not really right? Is milk as good for your teeth as you think it is? Let our Virginia Beach, VA practice offer you some helpful info you’re missing, so you can rest easy as you sip away.

About Milk And Your Smile

If you were to ask us during a checkup which beverages are safe for your smile, we would of course first say water. Then, we would remind you that though it has just a bit of naturally occurring sugar in it, milk is also a very safe option for your oral health when you’re comparing different drinks. Keep in mind that it’s white, so it’s not going to stain your smile, it’s very low in sugar, so it’s not doing much to promote tooth decay, and it’s high in calcium, which is very good for maintaining strong teeth! If you love your milk, continue enjoying it without worrying.

About That Glass Of Juice You Love

Our team reminds you that even though fruit is healthy (and eating it in its original, whole form that you’ve cut up is beneficial for your overall health), juice is different. Juice quickly saturates your teeth when you sip it and it is full of both natural sugars and acids! As you probably already know, these characteristics mean that it’s a big contributor to acid erosion and tooth decay. Should you avoid it altogether? Only if you want to. Otherwise, remember that you will definitely want to follow it up with water (and brush after about a half hour).

Let’s Talk Coffee And Your Teeth

Surprise: Fruit juice is much worse in regard to acidity! Coffee’s main problem is that it will most certainly head you down a path toward staining. Can we fix it with cosmetic care? Of course! However, to protect your white teeth and your oral health, we recommend drinking coffee in one sitting and remembering to rinse (and to try to brush later) after drinking.

Ask About Beverages And Your Smile When We See You

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