3 Cosmetic Concerns That Veneers Can Expertly Address

Cosmetic dental work from your Virginia Beach, VA dentist’s office can be done to address many different concerns. This is a welcome relief to patients, as people can arrive with varying needs. One procedure that is particularly helpful is the placement of custom porcelain veneers over problem teeth. By having veneers placed over your teeth, you can cover up several problems. In fact, this one treatment can provide what feels like an entire smile makeover for some patients! Because these thin, durable shells closely match the look and texture of your enamel, they can make these changes while still allowing your smile to look natural.

1. Stubborn Dental Discoloration

While you might think of discoloration as a concern best left to a teeth whitening treatment, there are situations where veneers can be a more suitable solution. Intrinsic discoloration, or discoloration caused by an internal problem that has occurred with a tooth, can persist after you use bleaching agents. With veneers in place, these problems can be covered.

2. Problems With Smile Spaces Caused By Alignment Or Tooth Size Issues

The size and shape of your teeth matter to your overall appearance. If a tooth is too small, it may leave a visible gap in your smile. Teeth that are misshapen, or that overlap, can also throw off your appearance in frustrating ways. Veneers can provide you with a smile that appears more uniform, which can improve your confidence, and change how people perceive you.

3. Visible Wear And Tear On Teeth

Some visible wear and tear can be inevitable. This shouldn’t surprise you when you consider how much we demand from our teeth when we bite and chew food. Unfortunately, an accumulation of wear and tear can lead to unflattering smile changes. With veneers, you can address this concern, and make your teeth appear remarkably healthy.

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