Chewing Problems: A Few Things To Consider

Are you noticing that when you eat your food, things aren’t going so well? Chewing is not as easy as it once was! Or, you’ve been dealing with chewing concerns for so long that you barely remember a time when it wasn’t a serious chore to get through a snack or meal. Our Virginia Beach, VA team reminds you that this should not be something that includes pain or that requires great effort! So, take time to consider some important details that may shine light on what’s happening with your oral health. Then, of course, call us up to set up a visit!

#1: When Chewing Hurts Your Jaw

If chewing causes your TMJs to hurt, then you may need TMJ treatment for your oral health. Good news: This is so easy to address! Come in soon before you allow damage to happen!

#2: When Chewing Hurts Your Teeth

Chewing should not ever hurt! Well, that is, unless you bite into something extremely hard. Then, it’s expected to hurt because you shouldn’t be eating such hard food! As for your usual chewing when you’re eating foods that are acceptable for the strength of your teeth, it should feel effortless and comfortable. When you notice that it hurts, it could point to a problem with your oral health. Or, it could point to something else, such as general sensitivity. Since you cannot know until you visit with us, we suggest that you schedule a dental visit. We can then figure out why you’re experiencing this sensation and offer a solution to make chewing comfortable again.

#3: When Chewing Food Is Challenging

Maybe you’re not experiencing any pain but what you are faced with is chewing that takes a while because you either cannot seem to break your food down very quickly or because you are having issues comfortably doing so due to missing teeth or poorly aligned teeth. In such cases, we remind you that a trip to come in to see our team is always suggested. You may need to speak with us about Invisalign, so chewing is no longer a challenging task. We might need to determine if you need care for teeth that have eroded. Maybe you require implants or prosthetics to replace teeth. Remember: When you come in, we can help.

Come See Us For Help With Chewing

If you notice that you’re having difficulty or pain with chewing, coming in for a dental visit is always to your advantage. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.