When It Is A Very Good Idea To Choose A Denture

You may think that you’re not supposed to select a full or partial denture for yourself. You may think that you should listen to everyone who tells you that you should really be seeking out dental implants, that you will not be happy with dentures, and that this choice is old-fashioned. Of course, you may have some lovely friends and family members, but all it takes is one negative or critical comment (or snippet of information online) to have you doubting your choice. Good news: Our Virginia Beach, VA team happens to know just about all there is to know about dentures versus other prosthetics and we would love to offer you some very helpful reassurance!

You Can Receive Dentures Quickly

For some, replacing missing teeth brings with it a lot of urgency. If one of your priorities at the moment is replacing the teeth you’ve lost as quickly and effectively as possible, then full or partial dentures are going to be a smart move. The turnaround time from planning to actually receiving them is quite brief! The same cannot be said of other prosthetics, such as dental implants, which can require multiple months to a year of your life. Feel confident in your choice, as you are matching up personal needs with the prosthetic that works for you!

They Are A Smart Financial Decision

When you’re looking for a prosthetic that will replace your missing teeth without causing you financial worry or strain, full or partial dentures are often the first option to be discussed. This is because when the investment you need to make right now for your smile is your main concern, dentures are regarded for their friendliness toward a wide variety of budgets. Speak with our team soon for details specific to your needs.

You Can Stick With Them Or Move On

A very good reason to feel wonderful about choosing a full or partial denture for yourself? They’re very easy to either keep around as your prosthetic of choice or to use temporarily. Remember, they are removable prosthetics. So, if you suddenly decide you are ready for implants instead or that you’d like a bridge, there’s no problem or obstacle in your way!

Seek Dentures With Our Team

If you are ready to replace missing teeth and you think a full or partial denture is right for you, then come on in to learn more and to get your tooth replacement experience underway as soon as possible! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Norfolk, Suffolk, Hampton, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.