Dental Care: Things You’ll Be Thrilled To Learn

There are certain things you believe about dental care. It doesn’t mean that they are true but it definitely means that you have some ideas ingrained that can either benefit you or possibly hurt you in terms of your smile health. Today, our Virginia Beach, VA team would like to take a moment to provide you with some thrilling facts that might give you a whole new perspective on oral health protection (and might even help you feel even more excited about your smile care).

(Sugarless) Gum Is Good For You

You might have spent the better part of your life stressing and feeling sad because you really love chewing gum but you’ve always been told that you shouldn’t chew it. What would you think if we were to tell you that not only is it okay for you to chew gum but that it can also be a very beneficial addition to your dental care? If you’re smiling from ear to ear, we are so happy to have offered such lovely information! Remember that when it comes to chewing gum that’s good for your smile (which, when you chew it for about 20 minutes after snacks, is most helpful), it’s about selecting the right kind:

  • Only chew sugarless gum, never the type with sugar in it
  • Try xylitol as your sweetener: It is extra beneficial for your oral health!

Coffee Isn’t The Very Worst Offender

We know that you probably think some very bad things about coffee when you’re considering the choices you make for dental care. Can it stain your smile over time? Yes. Can it lead to damaged enamel over time, too, because it is acidic? Yep! However, when you’re considering it against other acidic beverages that can harm your smile, it’s not in the lead. Sodas are worse. Fruit juice is also much worse. So, if you’re going to drink it, enjoy it! Just remember that you can limit the negative effects of coffee by rinsing with water after you drink it!

Dental Hygiene Takes Less Than 10 Daily Minutes

Actually, it’s possible that it takes only about six minutes or so every day to complete all of the dental care that you need in order to feel certain you’re checking off your responsibilities. Brush your teeth twice daily and that takes four minutes. Floss, which will take far less than five. See? Easy!

Learn Shocking Dental Care Secrets

Come in to learn all about the truth behind questions or assumptions you’ve long had in regard to dental care. We are pleased to report that during your visits, we can let you in on some very helpful facts! Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach, Eastern Shore, and all surrounding communities.