Should I Switch To An Electric Toothbrush? Or Not?

If you’ve been using a manual toothbrush for your dental hygiene and you’ve never used electric, then you already know that a manual brush can work. You don’t necessarily need to change. You also know that when you receive a dental care goodie bag after a dental cleaning and checkup, you head home with a manual toothbrush. So, it’s clear to you that manual brushes can certainly help you stay the course as you keep your oral health safe. However, you still wonder: Is it maybe worth switching? Take some time with our Virginia Beach, VA team as we help you explore this decision that’s based nearly entirely on preference!

If You’re Just Tired Of Your Toothbrush

Yes, we have already established that you are well within your right to continue using a manual toothbrush for dental hygiene. After all, millions of people use them, they can certainly provide you with all of the cleansing you need, and that’s that. However, what if you’re just tired of your toothbrush? What if you feel so unenthusiastic about brushing that you think to yourself, maybe if you had an electric toothbrush, it would re-inspire you to feel amazing about your oral health care? Then, by all means, of course, go ahead and switch to electric to see if you like it! If so, there’s no reason to go back to the manual brush (unless you feel like it!). As long as you’re removing plaque, avoiding cavities, and such, you’re in good shape.

If You’re Dealing With Receding Gums

This is where the matter of preference versus need becomes a little less cut and dry. If you are someone dealing with receding gums, then you know you must brush more gently and practice delicate dental hygiene in order to help the situation and give your gums a rest. Otherwise, the recession will continue. If you feel you can follow through on gentler oral health care, then you are free to keep using that manual toothbrush! However, if you have tried and you just can’t seem to make it through without an aggressive approach, then it is certainly advisable for you to try an electric toothbrush. They make practicing gentle care almost effortless, so give it a go.

Ask Dental Hygiene Questions

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