Toothaches: The Good, The Bad, The Treatment

You are not too thrilled to realize that you have a toothache. Of course, depending on the type of discomfort you are experiencing (and the severity), you may either be feeling a little bit annoyed or quite stressed and uncomfortable. First, you have our Virginia Beach, VA team’s sympathy, as we know you wish you felt better! Now: We also remind you that, though there is “bad” that comes from such pain, there is also some good and there is definitely treatment to fix it. Call us as soon as you can!

The Good

When you have a toothache, of course, it is upsetting. You want your smile to feel good and to be in excellent health all of the time! However, when you’re faced with the reality that you do, indeed, have a painful tooth, there are some very positive things you can take away from the experience. Consider the following:

  • When you have tooth pain, your body is letting you know something is wrong. Remember that it is also possible to have a problem like a cavity or infection without any symptoms, so feel relieved that you’ve been given a clear warning sign!
  • You just have a toothache. It could be sensitivity or one of the aforementioned problems. However, remember, it’s just one tooth and we can easily treat it! So, no biggie!
  • You can relieve the pain temporarily until we see you by taking a pain relief pill and/or using a cold compress against your face.

The Bad

Yes, okay, so nobody likes dealing with a toothache. It doesn’t feel very good and it means something is technically wrong with your oral health. When you’re weighing the good and the bad, a “problem” with your smile falls under bad. This might mean that if you have tooth decay or an infection or some other concern that you haven’t been taking very good care of your smile or that an accident occurred that damaged your tooth. It’s not all great news, of course. However, again, our team reminds you: We can fix it, so flush those bad feelings away and make way for restored oral health!

The Treatment!

We provide a full selection of restorative treatments, from white fillings to root canals and beautiful crowns. Whatever you need in terms of making that toothache go away, we will make it happen (and we will do so gently!).

Feel Better About Requiring A Filling

When you have a toothache and you need a dental filling, crown, or other restorative treatment, remember that our team is here to help you every step of the way. Schedule a visit, so we can restore your health and comfort. Contact Absolute Dental Care today in Virginia Beach, VA to schedule a visit by calling (757) 428-7440. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding communities.