Common Causes Of Warm Weather Smile Stains!

You may be scratching your head at the thought of smile stains that come specifically from certain types of weather. While spring and summer, of course, do not immediately or directly yield discoloration to your smile, there is a seasonal connection that’s worth mentioning! So, take a bit of a journey with our Virginia Beach, Va., team, as we consider the sorts of fun things that become popular as the days are nice and toasty, and you’ll see what we mean.

Pigmented And Acidic Drinks!

Drinks happen to be one of the easiest and very common ways smile stains develop when the temperatures heat up. If you were thinking that marinara sauce and deeply hued candies were more likely, think again: It’s warm out! You’re not indoors cooking up comfort food or enjoying holiday candy. Instead, you’re outdoors, you’re getting a bit sweaty, and you want something refreshing! You’re working and you’re dreaming of the weekend, when you can head out for coffee with your friends. The result? You may find yourself drinking a lot more soda, iced coffee, beer, wine, etc. Whether it’s packed with pigment or is acidic (it’s probably both), you’re encouraging smile stains. So, drink more water, rinse after stain causing drinks, or prepare for teeth whitening!

Missing Visits And Home Care

The warmer weather is such fun! You don’t have to take extra time to bundle up. You don’t feel compelled to cozy up in a blanket and stay indoors. There aren’t those weather-related restrictions making it difficult for you to spend hours outside, enjoying the breeze, the beach, the air, the sky, the sun! So, what’s one missed dental visit? What difference does it really make, you wonder, if you’re brushing and flossing at least once a day? The truth is, it makes quite a significant impact on your smile’s health, as well as its appearance. The buildup of pigments and plaque (which can easily become tartar) can not only damage your oral health but also cause the staining of your teeth. So, enjoy the weather but also remember to make time for essential smile care at home and at our practice!

Protect Teeth From Stains

Keep your smile safe from stains throughout the warmer months by coming in to see us for your six-month visits. As for any discoloration that already exists or develops, remember that we offer complete, convenient cosmetic care, as well. And we’ve got your back with extended and Saturday hours to suit your busy schedule! Contact Absolute Dental Care today or call (757) 428-7440 to schedule a visit in our Virginia Beach, Va., office. Or click the red “Schedule Online” button for 24/7 access to do-it-yourself appointment scheduling. We proudly welcome patients Virginia Beach and all surrounding  Hampton Roads communities.